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The Business

Good business for The Duke of Cambridge means the following:

  • Ensuring a fair deal for all: suppliers, staff, customers, and the planet.

  • Investing in long term trading relationships: competition can drive innovation and improvement but a deal has to work for both sides.

  • Remaining independent and successful: Coca Cola or Nestlé will never own The Duke.

  • Working to minimise waste and our environmental impact.

The Environment

  • We minimise our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • We recycle all our glass, cardboard, paper and tins.

  • Our food waste is collected for generating energy via an anerobic digestor.

  • All our furniture is second hand, repurposed or recycled.

  • We use responsible energy providers, whose profits are ploughed back into renewables.

  • We do not use air freight or heated greenhouses, though we do use imported produce.

  • 100% of the certifiable ingredients we work with are organic.

  • We do not support GMO products. GM crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards, so being certified organic means no GM on our menu.

The Community

Over the years we have forged strong links with the local community. These include:

  • Charity dinner events, which have raised over £80,000 to to date for local homeless charity and hostel, Shelter From The Storm.

  • Our Harvest Festival and Honesty Box.

  • Local schools, which have benefitted from our expertise via training of kitchen teams or work experience for students. Schools include Thornhill Primary, Kate Greenaway Nursery, Highbury Fields Secondary, City of London Academy Islington, and Hanover Primary.

  • We donate a certain amount of raffle prizes to support local charities each year.

  • We happily accept individual requests for work experience placements.